Be a Volunteer, and Be Ready to Get Alots Fun

    Being a Volunteer mean you gonna get alots fun! Like I did, for celebrated new year 2010. I decided to be one of volunteer of new year party in my area (read: Columbus ,Ohio).

    I tried something new in the end of 2009. I was one of committee for new year paty ‘first night columbus’. I worked with children in the place called creation station

    Creation station was really interesting place to me. The family and kids spent their time for waiting new year with doing bunch of different activities.  I was in mask table, Assisted the kids to make their own mask. I helped for making and decorating the mask with put glitter and strings on it.

    I made many cute masks and shared to the kids who wanted. I saw their smiles for single mask I gave to them. I had great time around the kids, because they taught me how to be a good daddy! Heheh just kidding 

    When they messed up the stuff, and asked me to cleaned it up, actually that was annoying moment. But, they are so adorable and it  makes me to keep smiling and be patient to figured out their problems.
Sometimes, they made ridiculous design for a mask! I tried my best to fixed it, so they can wear it without any problem.

    Anyway, Donald and I had great time, and I really wanna do it again. You should try it too! Do bunch of volunteering activity in USA before come back in my country.

    Oh yah, who is Donald? he isn't DONALD DUCK! I just met with him over there, but he was so nice! and I love him. He gave the paintball admission for me, he doesn't need it! Really? so anybody wanna go play paintball in march, let me know I have two coupons admission!

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