Student Of The Month! * Awarded by Worthington Kilbourne High School

'Student of The Month',  Yah that is the award for student which given every month from my school Worthington Kilbourne High School.

And fortunately, for January I was one of lucky students could awarded by Student Of The Month. I got that achievement , because one of the teacher Mrs. Janell Habert (my Personal Management teacher) recomended me as a student of the month.

That was meant alot to me, One of my target probably had been accomplishing through this moment. I don't know exactly, but I'm still trying do my best. I don't care I will get award, prized, and so on, important thing is I can do some for make mutual understanding and make some americans know there is country namely INDONESIA!

For my Garuda you always right on my chest! Merah-Putih must be waved anytime !

 These are all of chosen students for Student of the month in January

 This moment when I got the certificate and Pin as a symbol for The Best Student In January

 This is my teacher, Ms. hebert *thanks so much Ms. Hebert!
"Try Juandha is chosen by Ms. Hebert, Try is foreign exchange student from Indonesia. To be the representative of his country, and of course had been meet and faced all of life problems in america. He is an example of student, individual and strong desire to learn, congratulation try"
 -Ms. Hebert's Quotes


  1. haha !
    gondrong sekali ko andha !
    you're look like someone else ! haha
    i cant recognize you anymore ! hihi !
    better if you go to barber and then cut it ! hehe !

  2. cool..
    im proud of you bro!

  3. @salazar : hahah tukang cukur mahal!!! tapi sekarang alhamdulillah, i just got my Hair cut and new hairstyle. but I'm not reday yet to expose it. haha

    @ciu: thanks ciuuu....i'm proud of you too!


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