Oh my God! I don't feel my english had increased too much!

Brururp after couples month, I felt wasting time too much!
And I just realized that I don't feel my english had increased too much :(
Tonight, my initiative to take read couple and marking the word i don't know. Oh surprised...mostly I don't understand what book talking about.
By the way, just FYI...the book I read tonight is the 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People. Have you read that book?
I profoundly recommend to you, to take time and read page by page. It is inspiring and unavoidable i have too stay up late tonight, because this book such as great book i ever found.
Might be, in my beloved country *indonesia, this book had been translate so you dont need to feel dizzy by searching the meaning of every single words.
Nah!!! This writing just for refreshing after read 11 pages of this book, and i have to think many times to just find the meaning of couple sentences. It's because my grammar such as horrible level.
cao...let's continue

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