Book Extinction!

Today was first day for my internship project! I was exiciting and there are alot possibilties came up on my mind, what's gonna happen? will it be fun or bored? will i take benefit from it or i will get disadvantage?

I told you, my internship gonna take part on library as a volunteer, doing bunch of stuff and of course that's boring thing to do for some people. But for me, volunteering always fun to do!

I don't know where was idea came from, but this thought always distracting me for every single library i had visited. Would I find library in my place with nice books, internet acces, and so cozy to spent time? I'm jealous with library here, they are too fancy and of course you get acces for free. so it's why i wanna steal their managament to manage the library.
How about the library in my place? Never ever to compare! The library in my regency is so poor and pathetic. i found nice book rarely! it is not up to date!the librarian seems never been training! they are not hospitable, and so difficult to find the book you are looking for. STOP! Too much...next on you can guess what else.
Okay, so today i was working with Ms. Lynsi smith. And my first job is, i have to exticted the book! What? sounds strange for me too. She said, the book's going to dismiss from library because no one ver check it out in current 2 years. So the library gonna replaced and put new books!
Okay, and it wasn't difficult to find the book which gonna be extinction from library. They arranged the book so nicely, with alphabet and number!

I felt like tried to find some mantras in Hogwarts. I was in the middle of old and thick book! Probably if the shelf fall toward me, i'm gonna die once! really?

after that, i went to computer sensoric system. I will scan through the book, and it'll delete the books profile from catalogue! oh my lord...again i found the amazingness! it's new century, working with the technology such as easier and organizeable ever. I ahd greta time, i had alot things to tell the librarian in my place. Heyy look forward and moving on! but it is not gonna be easy to change that, e need MONEY,CONSISTENT PEOPLE, and STRUGLING!

folks, good night! i'm going to library tomorrow, i'm not sure yet what i suppose to do, but i'll share to you if I had nice or miserable day! bye...


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