my fart smells as bad ass! *kentutku kok bau sekali?

when i write this posting, I had farted once! Uhm...smells really nice!
don't even imagine how it smells!
I don't know why, this was happen in wrong time and place!
I have thinking, what I've done?

Today, I noticed I had farted on the school bus. I thought It wouldn't smell like hell but the fact was different. What I concerned was happened!
Even my self can't hold the smell!

Right now, innocently I take out my fart and spread it out like parfume in the library's room. I wonder what people think about me, I wish they don''t know who is the actor * :)
but I really don't know how to solve it!

hey morrons! I need your suggestion to help me extincted my habit as air pollutant!
Pruup...It is strange because I don't feel like go to bathroom!

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