3 more days, before I'm 19 years old

What is your best wish on your birthday?
I have never made a wishlist in my birthday, but I think I should!
it is critical age for me before I reach the precious age 20 years old.
so, take a look then!

1. Scholarship- Pay my Unfordable Tuition

I enrolled Bidik Misi and Kalla Scholarship, both of them still hang me on hope!
I am studying in Really good faculty, and really good price as well. God, please ...
I want this as my Birthday present, no more...
My family can't pay the tuition so I rely on scholarship and people who care and wanna investing their money to me
We'll see Pals...

2. Bike-Please mobiles me Faster

Going far away from my comfort zone, needs a bit effort! I used to ride motorbike and I felt that I can go wherever with it. now, I don't have it with me, I just feel desperately miss it so much.
Now, Im in Bandung, the weather is really nice to ride a bike, instead of saving money, we also help earth to reduce the carbon emission.

3. Bag-carry my stuff
I really need it for going to campus. I do have money, but unfortunately can't afford for buying this cool backpack. SO guys, it is your chance to make me HAPPY in my birthday, hahah give me this stuff as a present, and I will give you hug for a million. 

4. A Pair of New Shoes- be trendy!
Shoes? This thing always freak me out when I go out and shopping. I think fashion is your shoes.

5.TV and DVD Player

Honestly, In the dormitory I live in there is no Television. It is such a living in a middle of nowhere. I don't really catch up with the upadate news, and yeah you can't gossip with me anymore. Because there so much change and happen out there and I don't know. so I put TV as my priority present in my birthday

6.Speaker- Beat up my Boredom Life
sometimes I feel bored, wanna jump, wanna scream, and need it to help me SURVIVE
it is yet necessary, but sometimes people ask me, hey what is your Pin? and I just start to tell them, I am not BB user, and bla..bla
It is cool gadget tho, and Please come to me in my old age ...

8. People Read My Blog
9.Girl Friend
I'm lookin forward for experience when the whole my heart blossom and start loving someone! My wish, in 19 years old, I find a partner who care and 'single' hahaha!
10.IQ and EQ
Damn with theory that 'older retarder' , I must getting as much as a benefit information to increase my knowledge to start empathy and be mature in order facing through the problem. 

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