Personal Branding, Does it Important?

Have you ever thought your personal brand?
Frankly, I believe that no many people have ever thought about it
Jadi sore tadi, saya dan teman-teman kelompok Sembilan 'The Apprentice' (Ospek SBM-ITB) ngobrolin tentang What is Your Personal Brand?
I was presented an empty can that I had modified before. Truly it has such a great philosphy.
Skip about that!

Jadi, saya baru nyadar kalau dalam pertemanan, each of us requires to carry our own brand, so people can notice that we are existed.
itu aja sih yang pengen saya tulis.
so bye...
*garing banget kan!

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  1. Congrotulation.. brother, remain grateful for the favors of ALLAH SWT although you so busy..


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