Holla March,
Pals, it is March already. Time just passes so fast huh.
But, but..but...I still can't Move on from loving someone that already taken.
I don't know why I like March. I like when people pronounce 'March' then I feel something blossom.

March is a hectic month for me.
I accept the challenge to become an art director for our Mini Selling Show. As a Midterm test for Art Recollection SBM ITB, we divided into several groups and required to make a mini selling show for our INOVATIVE, FUTURISTIC, and UNTHINKABLE product.

Yeah, we are encourage to think years ahead and how technology developed at that time. Visualize it and make the prototype. That was enjoyable part, the stressful part is manage your team.
Frankly, I don't get the chemistry between us. They are new to me, and I do to. Some people just turned t be jerk and annoying most of the times. You need to manage your emotion and stress. THIS IS the point. I learned much to be leader , understand and listened more often.
So, I had design leadership method for my group, hope it gonna work out just like what im expecting now.


So grateful for the artistic sense that given to me. Recently, I always busy with design project. Most of them is free. I do it for free.  I do it for my friends.
I don't know if they know that making poster, design, etc is a HARDWORKING.
I feel that use all of my sense, recall all experiences, and trying to fit and match the color almost billion times.
I never feel tired for doing this.
But, someday I won't do it for free. Someday I will charging you to ask me doing artistic crap.

I Think this one of rejected artwork. I made it for 'Ciwidey Pintar' Launching by Satoe Indonesia

The Next Challenge: Finishing the Sketch. Sketch by Iqro Dewantoro

Finishing by me.
Art is the only medium that I can break any rule. I will keep practicing, trying another techniques and match color more attractively.


Mount Rinjani, The 3rd Highest Mountain in Indonesia. My Friends, Syriodj, fadel, Kak Ocan, and me already planned to go there on Semester break (Middle of May). I've been search so many articles and tips , but the things that really important is set myself mentally and physically ready.
I need about two millions rupiah.
Im gonna saving my monthly stipend and for sure gonna do some business for fundraising. RINJANI ...Rinjani....Prepare!


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