12 things about me

have been a busy day pals
but don't worry, the upcoming long weekend is about to begin. People commemorate Easter This sunday.

Okay, but first let me answer some question from Paperclips Blog that given to me. These quiz requests me to answer twelve things about what silly things I've ever done, bad habits, targets, etc.

I couldn't answer all of it, some privacy i guess.

Here we go pals!
12 Silly Things I've done!

1. Tried to have Pityriasis Versicolor in order to get my skin brighter. FYI: Pityriasis Versicolor is kinda skin disease, Indonesian call it 'Panu'. Yeah, I was too obsessed for having brighter skin. That time I was really Dark Chocolate.

2. Collecting kids around my neighbor and taught them some 'extreme magic'. ex: slicing body with blunt knife, how to escape from grave, or even some fire action.

3. I wrote abundant love letters to my dearest when I was in elementary school, instead of sent it I preferably keep it in my backpack until my mom found it, and reminded me every time for not doing sex with her. GOSH she was exaggerated the situation. Even they knew at the time I didn't even know what Sex is.

4. thought 'Air Zam-zam' is a magic water that can granted any wish. 
I was really influenced by serial TV 'Shung-go-kong- Kera sakti'. Every single pray, I ask God to give me such that ability like Sung-gokong had. Then, I figured that God need intermediary to grant my wish namely Air Zam-zam. I consumed Air zam-zam carefully while recited my pray. TO BE LIKE SHUNG-GO-KONG, wild and have so much hair grown in his cheeks.

5. Sneak off from house just because my sister wouldn't allow me to buy a birthday present.Silly, I don't even remember what kind of present I would like to buy that caused me so mad. Things I clearly remember was I packed my clothes and fitted in small bag. My sister thought that I was kidding, then five minutes later she figured that I already gone. Fortunately my kind mate please me stay in his house for couple hours before my mom picked me up. FAIL

6.Begging my mom to allow me performed in Girl Dance Competition ( When I was seven or eight years old). later, I abruptly refuse to take a part because the choreographer ask me to have lipstick on and wore short skirt, not really skirt though. 

7. Sent a letter to famous singer like Joshua, Sonia, and Cantika. I thought each of them have much money, so I decided to ask her to buy me Playstation. Now, I always laugh every time my mom remind that to me.

8. Kill all of chicks that I have because gave them too much rice to eat. I figured out later, that the chicks can't differentiate the feeling of being hungry and full.

9.  Threaten my mom that Im gonna suicide everytime she refuse my request.

11. Wrote an article of my highschool violence and posted it on newspaper.
Take a guess, yeah i was being public enemies. That was stressful but thankfully I found what friends really are. Now we still friends but level up to be mate!

12. Hangover with my friend. I don't drink I just accompanied my friend. The lesson, avoid been in public place when you get drunk. Much possibilities you will do vandalism. Trust me!

12 Goals This Year
1. Be Honest
2. Be Brave
3. Be Consistent
4. Be On-time
5. Be handsome
6. Be couple
7. Be Fast
8. Be Creative
9. Be faithful
10. Be respectful
11. Be Rich
12. Upgrade IP to 3.8

Pardon me, if this meant to be viral quiz  at first.
But later I figured that I don't really intent to make you (blogger that will I tag) hassle. SO I don't ask anybody to do the same thing, jusy say thanks for user that already given me these such a crap *kidding

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