Welcome Odyssey (Oddisey) SBM ITB 2012

Our team had selected as host team for SBM ITB Odyssey this year.
Personally, I would say this is great achievement and big chance for all of us in team . Some people might say that the result wasn't fair but I'd like to say this was fruit of plant that we had planted for months.
I can say that the result was really....

Sweet and Bitter in same time

Gratefully, I have been working with nice buddies that have slow beat but high impact, hopefully the same rhythmic in future. I've been worried about this recently. As host team we obligated to recruit from other team. Some of them are not really similar with us, or other words I'd like to say that I'm doubting that they will feel comfort working with us, just because we are slow and don't really apply management value in our life. no Kidding.
Show Must Go ON!

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