When You Invited Strangers to Ask

I do not know for sure how it begins, and what motivation drives me to make an account in this website, a website that allows anyone just ask and you can ask anyone using an anonymous identity.

At first, I was very happy to be asked all sorts of questions, the moment of answering those questions creates a sensation that I can not explain in detail. It is all about freedom to express myself. I am the professor in my own case, because I know all the answers. Then, I realize that this website turns me to be selfish one. I feel like the world should revolve around me. I want everyone to care about me, take their time to ask me, but I get bit depressed when found stranger ask me with question that has correlation with someone else. On one hand I blame myself for bringing other people come into my ask.fm answer-question timeline, because I can not guarantee that the statement is appropriate for them. I am worrying that my statements are considered as privacy matters for certain person, while I think those statements are very common to be shared. I just never knew.

After considering many things, I decide to shut down my ask.fm account. So when you see this post, my account is already deactivated. Let me live in peace, let my personal case be a mystery. Thank you for those of you that had asked me, and please do apologize me if there is inappropriate answer that may not be pleasing you.

I believe by trick of fate, someday we will pop up and greet in person, that is the best time for us to know each other. Not through ask.fm. Okay!

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