Le Fidossa: Paper Will Show You The Way

I take a short break from my fun activity which so called 'Let Finish The Thesis and Done With School' or abbreviated as Le Fidossa and would like to post some personal thoughts here. Okay, I admit that I still have not write anything yet, but reading some scientific papers from around the world regards my topic is one thing that I consider as progress for my Le Fidossa.

I remind you the importance of having friends who studied abroad and have access to the website where all cool scientific papers are stored (journals), it will make your life easier! Because in my case I sometimes need to access paper from Google Scholar but it didn't let me to go through all the paper but abstract. So, yeah at this moment you need a friend or anyone that have some kind of super power to open up the paper you need.

Reading as many as paper you can is a very brilliant move for thesis you are about to make. Even though Bible says that “There Is Nothing New Under The Sun”, you somehow need to figure out how to handle something old as if it were new by adding something personal in it. Trust the paper, may its enlightenment upon on you.

This Le Fidossa is my life milestone, I do not want the whole process just passes by. Starting from now, I will try to record every progress (not every single stressful moments), which means that this blog will also be enlivened by scientific posting (I am not really sure about this).

The upcoming Le Fidossa post will also be written in english.  Please don't bother with my messed up grammar, just give me a chance to drill my self using english. I am very grateful if you would inform me just in case you find a severe grammar error occurs here.

Now, let me enjoy the short break. I feel like watching this video, because to be honest, I'd rather dance with you than be alone doing this all by my self.

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  1. Hai Ju,

    Sudah coba register di PNRI?
    Di sana PNRI sudah langganan beberapa penerbit jurnal. Bisa lihat dan download full text, namun tidak seluruh jurnal yang diterbitkan bisa dilihat full text.

    Kalau belum, mungkin bisa dicoba: http://e-resources.pnri.go.id/

    Atau dulu gue sering melongok ke sagepub.com sewaktu mengerjakan long damn scientific writing buat S1. Terkadang sagepub ada masa2 tertentu kasih akses buat lihat full text jurnal2nya.

    Nikmatilah prosesnya, anak muda! :)

    /Salam Cipta-Rasa-Karsa


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