See You On November 4


I've been selected as one of delegates that will represent Sulawesi Selatan in Indonesian Youth Conference 2014. The most splendid part is seeing the unfold chance to do networking (and very high possibility to do collaboration) with people from Indonesia, from 34 provinces!
Don't you think that is great?
I do think it is tremendous opportunity. They could be my friends and later be my helper for completing one of my bucket-list which is to travel and explore Indonesia in all its longitudes and latitudes.

No, I am not very pragmatic about this, I just tried to give you an example. Of course, there will be something more huge waiting for all of us by collaborating and befriending.

In this conference, I will use the moment to introduce Warani project as my social business project that I currently working on. It carries a mission that hopefully we could improve the quality of life for Fisherman Community in Indonesia through creative tourism. And through this conference, I enlarge the possibility of shaking the right hands.

See you on November 4 pals. I really looking forward to enjoy the moment where the room full of peers who bring optimism and feel the creativity is returning.


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