The conversation inside my head

B: Someday you have to be a man son.
A: I am a man bapak. I have grown up and someday be like you.
B: No, you are not a man yet. You do not act like one.
A: How come?
B: You have to deal with whatever things that you feel inconvenient. Face it and get it done. Don't run!
A: Then, you may call me, a son who is trying to be like man. And you are my dad who is trying to be like man as well.
B: I am a man, son. I already taste the sweetness and saltiness of this life more than you ever thought. I get it done, and never run!
A: Bapak, don't you think as human being that still alive, we can't avoid inconvenient stuff ahead us? So, the process for us still on going. We all learn how to be man.
B: I am wondering, who is the real man.
A: Some stickers say that real man use three pedals.
B: Hahah they are wrong.

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