In The Meantime, We Need to Be More Practical.

Betapa kehidupan terkadang menjadi lucu.
Misalnya, saya seringkali menginginkan untuk bertukar nasib dengan seseorang. Kadang saya lupa kalau ada effort dan disiplin yang luar biasa untuk menjadi sperti itu, dan saya hanya melihat enak' nya saja!

Kadang juga saya tidak menghargai dan merasa biasa saja, justru setelah mendapatkankan sesuatu yang saya idamkan. We tend to less appreciate things we have already.

Seperti minggu kemarin, saya hampir gila!
Maybe because I spent 2 days in row locked up in room, lacked of fresh oxygen while thinking why I chose this path of life?

Complaining isn't way to escape. Then luckily, I found a video from Gary Vaynerchuk that I think relevant with my case. The more practical way for me to start my own business venture is to have stability first, which is hold on to the current job which gives me monthly salary.

And then work!
Gladly, my current job provide that chance. I usually come home when the sky still blue, and the office workload is not that much for me to work for my business until 1 am  or 2 am executing the steps.

Hopefully someday the business will generate its own revenue that I can start working on it full time.
Here the video, I'd like to share to some of you, to my folks 20 something who confuse because everybody seems run their own startup.

Be patient, my friend.
Patient is strong word. In the meantime, we need to be more practical.

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