The misery is just state of mind

I managed to live here for a month and I am sure a great life waiting for me ahead. It is easy to look back, but I want to assure you that for me one month here been so long. I personally think Jayapura is a perfect combination between nature and modern life. Although, too many stereotypes I've heard from my parents, friends, and everyone I have met regard the local people which most are not too pleasant to hear and very uncomfortable for me because somehow affect my subconscious to start believing all the rumors  are all true. It restraint me to explore this very beautiful land, be brave, lost my self into density of forest vegetation.

For a moment, I want to forget all the rumors. I want to see Jayapura as a friendly city, has a high tolerance among religions, and offer me a friendship that I will always remember, when the day come and I should leave this place. I want to question everything moreover to any assumptions or opinions of others.

Anyway, my work life is the worst than any work experience I have ever tasted. But don't worry, I've prepared myself for this condition. I do not want to say in details, this past month I feel like a whipped horse that ran from morning to night. I despise the working environment that driven by the fear of the boss, long-winded bureaucratic and time consuming, does not create enough space for employee to innovate and take responsibility fairly. There is a sarcasm that always echoed that make the boss happy. It is very stressful because frankly we are running real business not an empire. Customer is someone I should mind!

Waking up in the morning and questioning all my motives, why am I going to work?
Yes, for money sake.
Yes, someday when I have enough money and courage, I'll leave this and start doing my own masterpiece. 
In the meantime, I want to condition my self to be very positive, show my best quality, because all of these are temporary and I want to leave good remarks behind.

Once again.
This is all temporary. Let's have fun.
For the uncertainty in upcoming days, let's embrace it.

The misery is just state of mind.

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  1. Waw a though life! Semua juga begitu kok. Im 25th... leave a big company yang lama banget karirnya mandek di gigi dua sampai 10 tahun lagi.. keputusan gila yang pernah gue buat. Risky.. sekarang strugggling sama startup.. pengalaman baru yang ga pernah gue sangka2 sebelumnya. Berat banget emang keliatannya. Dibanding temen2 seumuran gue yang kayanya masih santai.. masih belum mikirin hidupnya mau kemana.. masih muda juga kan ya gpp.. at least pas gue gagal gue gagal pas masih muda. Dan pas tua.. gue udah ngumpulin uang juga... dan ga lupa kalau uang kita sebenernya mah masih ada porsinya buat yang lain.. bersyukur aja sekarang kaya gini.. at least ga jobless kan :))


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